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Donalsonville resident holds on to memories

September 21, 2002

Donalsonville- Charlotte Smith and her husband, Hiram, have lived at 714 Faubus Lane for forty years, and she says she vividly remembers what she saw when she lost everything.

Smith says, "The water just came in so fast. It's just devastating." The vicious and untimely floods destroyed everything in her home, including household appliances and even the toilet.

Smith says she tried to save pictures and photo albums, but they were destroyed in the flood. She adds, "It's just so devastating, when you walk in and you see your pictures, and they're destroyed."

Smith's family says they already miss Sunday dinners at MeMe's house, as they affectionately call her. Her daughter-in-law, Debra Smith, says, "We've just been trying to get everything out. She wants her pictures saved, and a lot of them got ruined." Smith's grandson, Seth Atkinson, says, "We can't come over here a lot no more."

Seminole County Commissioners say when the floods hit the area, they devised a plan to make sure residents had food, shelter, water and clothing. Now, they are trying to make sure they have long-term places to stay.

Commissioner, Donald Moore, says, "We're asking everybody from local, state and federal government to give us all they can." He says the county will continue to apply for grants from federal agencies, hoping to renew resident's spirits and bring stability back to their lives.

Commissioners are planning a series of meetings this week to decide how they will get the money they need to help residents.

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