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'Model classroom' at ABAC

September 20, 2002

Tifton- ABAC students learn how to make beer and wine in their narcotics and dangerous substances class. But instead of just reading about it in a textbook they are getting the benefits of some additional instructional tools.

"They are used to a lot of technology," Professor Anthony Fitzgerald said. "They are a visually minded generation so we are trying to incorporate as many graphics and useful technology as we can."  

ABAC instructors are able to do that for the first time this year with the use of something called a model classroom.

"If we had resources every classroom would be model classroom," ITS Director, Dr. Chrystle Ross said. Right now they're starting with one per division at a price tag of $15,000.

That includes overhead, powerpoint, and even a DVD player, all playing through the same projector.

"Having at fingertips can switch back and forth from technology without having to stop instruction and pull another piece of equipment out," Fitzgerald said.

"As long as easy for instructors to use, they will use it, students grown up using technology and they expect it," Ross said. 

ABAC students are getting more out of their education, and the college is staying on the forefront of a technological movement, slowly revolutionizing the way professors look at teaching. 

ABAC also has provided all faculty members and 75-students PDA's, similar to palm pilots.

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