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South Georgia warily watches Isidore

September 20, 2002

Donalsonville-- As Isidore strengthens in Cuba, flood victims in Southwest Georgia are holding their breaths.

Hurricane Isidore slammed Cuba’s extreme western coast with strong winds and drenching rains. The eye of the storm appeared to be moving slightly to the west. With winds exceeding 100 miles an hour, Isidore pounded western Cuba and the isle of youth.

The storms eye passing one hundred miles west of Havana, slamming small fishing villages and forcing the evacuation of some residents. The keys did see wind gusts of up to 30 miles an hour; otherwise it was a beautiful day. Isidore caused several cruise ships scheduled for Cozumel to dock for the day in Key West.

But with Isidore apparently moving to the west as it entered the Gulf of Mexico, authorities and tourist throughout Florida are breathing a big sigh of relief.

People in Seminole County are still cleaning up from flooding caused by Tropical Storm Hanna. Some take breaks from working to watch the weather channel. Sunday's flash floods have people concerned and hopeful at the same time.

"Very concerned," said Linda Horne. "Our furniture is already destroyed. It troubles me to know what we'll have to go through if this comes through again."

"I hope we have a good weekend," says Geraldine Cochran. "I'm praying to the Lord to give us a good weekend. If we get more rain, it will be just as bad as last weekend."

"I think we'll be in real bad shape because we still not over what we've got now," John Smith said. "I don't think we'll get too much, but maybe some."

Seminole County should get scattered showers this weekend, but the rain is not a result of Isidore.

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