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Special prayer said in Albany temple for Mumbai

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

November 29, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Investigations now begin after attacks in Mumbai, India end. The death toll now stands at about 200 after a series of coordinated attacks that began Wednesday in at least ten locations around the city.

Images of chaos from India filled television screens. "From all accounts these terrorist were extremely brutal and determined to kill indiscriminately: in hotels, on the street and the train station. They attacked rich and poor," said Rabbi, Dana Evan Kaplan. 

And it was those images that brought a larger than usual crowd to the holiday service at the Temple B'Nai Israel. "Some people came specifically this weekend because they wanted to be together for such a sad day," said Kaplan.

The congregation took part in a special prayer for all who were hurt in the attacks in India. "Our prayer emphasis that those who were wounded would make a full recovery. And also that injustice and evil would be blotted out of the world," said Kaplan.

Evil that Americans learned after 9/11 has no boundaries. "As Americans we are aware that what happened may happen in Mumbai today could happen in New York, or Atlanta tomorrow, or even potentially here in Albany," said Kaplan.

Any is why Kaplan says we need to unite. "I think its important that people in all religions need to come together and condemn the senseless terrorism and hatred," to keep this from happening again anywhere else in the world.


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