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Where in the world are these Red Deer?

September 20, 2002

Georgia has a way of rolling out the green carpet to anyone in search of history. The fields roll right up to a three-story barn that was once the largest peach-packing plant in the area. But that was over 100 years ago.

The weather warmed, the peaches died, and the family went bankrupt. Now the star crop of this five thousand-acre farm is the red deer, 2,000 of them in fact, that are making a tasty impression in the southeast.

"We sell the meat to restaurants in Atlanta, Tallahassee, and Louisville," says Co-manager Tommie Lynne Cashion.

It seems a lot of this land was too rugged for the Angus cattle. So ranchers have turned to an animal fit for the land that can rack up several by-products.

"The velvet antlers can be dehydrated and used to purify human blood," Cashion said.

But perhaps the most impressive part is watching these animals in nature, giant and commanding, unaware of hunting season, and only aware of Tommie's professional deer call.

There are a thousand pictures here, of perfect profiles, and royal racks.

"These are known as the King's deer, or royal deer, and once those racks fall we will turn them into chandeliers and lamps."

That's right. Chandeliers, jewelry, knives, and pen sets are just some of the uses for hard horn. Of course these bucks have different plans for their hat racks, so head to Woodbury to catch a glimpse, before they disappear. 

Large group tours are given at Flint Farms for those interested in the Red Deer. Woodbury is on highway 85 northeast of Columbus in Meriwether county.

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