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Following in the footsteps of champions

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By Robert Hydrick - bio | email

November 26, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  When Deerfield-Windsor players poured water onto coach Allen Lowe after winning a state championship in 2002, the coach had no idea that his state title team that season was paving the way for his next title run.

Senior quarterback Tommy Forrestal said. " When they did it we were like that is gotta to be us.

Quarterback Tommy Forrestal and the rest of this year's senior class were in the sixth grade in 2002.

And they also played in the school's junior pro football league which was coached by the players from the 2002 state championship team.

Tommy Forrestal said. "Jake Reese he was the quarterback and he was my coach. He was my idol when I was growing up and he lives right behind me still."

Senior linebacker Patrick Miller said "It was really cool to be coached by the team that won the state championship and now it is our chance."

 This group of senior players knew when their best chance would happen for them to win a state championship.  

Patrick Miller said "It has always been state '08. We have been chanting that since we were in 9th and 10th grade. Coming home from bus rides from away games and we have always chanted state '08, state '08.

Deerfield-Windsor coach Allen Lowe is glad these seniors will get the chance to play for their goal. He is also glad for the real lessons the junior pro league teaches his players.  

Allen Lowe said "It is good for these older kids to realize how they act is being seen by young people. They need to go out and act in the right way.

Allen Lowe hopes this year's seniors have planted the foundation for a future state title run.

Lowe said. "Hopefully that will trend will continue and hopefully we will get back to this game quicker than six years."