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How are kids dealing with floods?

September 19, 2002

Seminole County - Seminole County kids go to school year-round. This week they are on vacation, but it's been far from paradise. Some students have spent their time away from school dealing with Sunday's flash floods. So, how are kids dealing with the disaster and what's on their minds? A day care learning center is trying to help kids cope.

Eight-year-old Scott Richardson says, "Pretty bad, a lot of people houses have been floods. People got stuff out of houses because all got wet." Drew Alday explains, "My room was wet, my floor was wet and my daddy's room was wet. Ryan's room was wet and living room was wet." Five-year-old twins Drew and Ben Alday, their older brother, Ryan, and parents lost everything. Ben says, "I was a little scared." When Drew was asked if he was scared he said, "No, I was very mad."

Kids First Learning Center is trying to help these children deal with their emotions, by taking them on field trips. Jennifer Nunnery with Kids First explains, "To let them see people will overcome this and outside of here it's still going on. So, we felt they would have a little fun. This is their time away from school."

Parents can continue to clean up, knowing their kids are having fun. At least for a moment, these little minds will forget troubles at home.

On Friday, Kids First Learning Center is taking the little ones to play in a park in Dothan, Alabama. They plan to take a field trip everyday next week.

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