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Ealum sues Rynders

September 19, 2002

Lee County -- Theirs' was one of the nastiest campaigns in recent memory in South Georgia. And Darrel Ealum says it went too far. He's filed suit saying Rynders' negative campaigning has hurt his ability to run his business.

During the primary campaign, it was one negative ad after another.Ed Rynders and Darrel Ealum made their race personal. Now that Rynders has won, Ealum says it was a little too personal. "It's now a personal matter, it's not political. Now we're going to allow the legal system to work."

Ealum is suing Rynders for slander. He says Rynders repeatedly questioned his character and regularly called him a liar. The suit also accused Rynders of obtaining private information about an unpaid garbage bill against one of Ealum's mobile home parks.

 Ealum said "I'm very disappointed that the campaign ended like it did. I'm very disappointed. I apologize to the voters of Southwest Georgia, for a campaign that ended in the manner that this one ended. I'm less disappointed."

The 42 year old Rynders will only say that he's not surprised by the lawsuit. Ed Rynders is the Republican Candidate for the House District 137 seat. He is opposed by Democrat Craig Mathis in the November general election.

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