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Seminole shops hurt by flood waters

September 18, 2002

Seminole County - Business owners in Seminole County are still cleaning up a major mess.

Flood waters have forced 50 to 70 businesses to throw merchandise in the dumpster. Most stores have re-opened, meaning employees have to juggle between ringing up customers and ringing out carpet.

It's a different meaning to customer service. Fannie Johnson, a customer, is lending her service. She says, "Oh yeah, I'm one of her main customers. I'm surprised I don't have my wig on today."

Johnson buys wigs at Supreme Style in Downtown Donalsonville. She explains, "I just love her and she's real nice. I thought I would come in and give her my service."

Johnson says the community relies on this beauty supply shop. She doesn't want to see it shut down. Johnson explains her kindness, "I would do anything to help her, give her my service. If it's gonna make a difference for her to stay."

Like most businesses, Supreme Style doesn't know how much money they've lost. Donalsonville/Seminole County Chamber of Commerce President Brenda Broome, says, "I believe once we get all our figures together, we will be way into the millions."

Meanwhile, shops like Supreme Style will be hanging out to dry, trying to get out of their hairy situation.

The Chamber of Commerce has not had any reports of layoffs, but they are seeking assistance from Small Businesses Administration.

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