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Commissioner under investigation

September 18, 2002

Albany - A Dougherty County commissioner is the subject of a state investigation. Brenda Robinson Cutler is under investigation by both the Albany Resource Center and the Department of Human Resources.

Cutler worked for Albany Resource Center, or ARC, until the middle of August. The center is a non-profit agency that serves the mentally and physically disable. The ARC and the Department of Human Resources won't comment on the on-going investigation.

Cutler says she has no idea why they are looking into her activities and would not comment on why she stopped working for the ARC. "They can rummage around all they want, I know they won't find anything. I haven't done anything wrong," said Robinson-Cutler.

While at the Resource Center, Cutler worked with case workers who collect money from the clients. But, she says she never dealt with DHR money that pays for some of the ARC's programs.

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