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"Prayer at Pole" brings students together

September 18, 2002

Albany--High school students in Albany demonstrate their solidarity with prayer. More than 100 teens and teachers at Dougherty High School "prayed at the pole", gathering around the flag pole to sing, read from the bible and pray.

Just steps away from the school doors, thirty minutes before the first bell rang, a few dozen members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes clasped hands around the flag pole to pray. Here at Dougherty High, the FCA is one of the strongest in the county, a fact that teachers say sends a clear message about the students. Dr. Melanie James says, "That there is a light on the east side in our Dougherty High young people, our young people know the value of prayer and are not ashamed of letting people know they are children of God."

As more people arrived, the prayer circle grew larger, but many students stayed back, watching from a distance. Student Brandon Beach says, "A lot of people praise God to themselves and are afraid to get in a crowd and praise him, they think if you are a Christian you won't have fun, you can't do this or that, being a Christian is the most fun of all."

These students had fun, clapping and singing. And by the time the last prayer was said, the circle tripled in size, a clear indication of the power of prayer. Dougherty High School was one of many schools across the country taking part in the day of prayer. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsored the event.

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