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Cold temperatures fueling firewood sales

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

November 21, 2001

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The cold snap is keeping those who sell firewood and gas busy early this season.

Lee Harper and his team have been working overtime to cut firewood.

"We're running out quick," said Lee Harper, Harper Tree Service.

They're selling it as fast as they can cut it.

"We're cutting a lot of wood, we can't cut enough trees down to sell the wood," said Harper.

Freezing weather also means good business for Wesley Potter. He welcomes the cold.

"It's pretty good when it comes to getting good sales and people calling," said Westley Potter, Potter's Tree Service.

Calls are coming in for more deliveries of $65 loads of firewood, keeping him busy.

"We do all our own delivering and we sent out a pretty good bit of wood this year."

The cold also means more business at Modern Gas in Albany.

"We're all procrastinators by nature, and a lot of people do call at the last minute and say hey, I need gas or what's it going to take to put a tank in," said Steven Holloway, Modern Gas VP.

But no matter if it's gas or wood which fuels you fire, safety should be paramount.

"If they have a heater for outdoor use, that they continue to use that heater outdoors. No one should use their cook stoves for heating, and everyone should have their heating systems checked once a year," said Holloway.

If the freezing cold continues, it'll keeping the orders rolling in firewood, which has Harper and others working to keep up with demand.


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