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Albany woman says she was dragged by school bus

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

November 21, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -An Albany woman says she was dragged by a Dougherty County school bus Friday morning.

The woman says she confronted a driver over a fight on the bus Thursday, and the driver drove off.

School officials say the bus driver felt threatened and drove away to protect herself.

Chan'e Williams is wearing a knee brace  after getting home from the hospital, after she says she was dragged by her niece's school bus driver..

Williams said "She drove off while I was in the doors. I was hanging on to the doors."

Another parent who came out to talk with the school bus driver says Williams is lucky to be okay.

 Joni Green said "She wouldn't let her get a word out. She just stepped on the gas, and fled down Talafax Road with her dangling out the bus door."

Albany Police, Dougherty County School Police, and an ambulance were called after the incident, but have a different story.

School Spokesperson R.D. Harter said "The bus driver felt threatened and the bus driver started to pull off and the parent grabbed the door and ran beside the door, and yelled at the bus driver."

Williams and Green were upset because Thursday afternoon their 11 year old daughters, both Fifth Grader at Martin Luther King Elementary, came home beat up.

Nita Williams said "They told me that 7 kids got off the bus and jumped on them. And the bus driver didn't stop, or pull over to make sure they were OK. Just kept on going."

The Williams talked with School Transportation Manager Benny Crapps Thursday about the fight, and asked to see the bus video.

 Williams said "He told me the camera wasn't working, or she didn't have it on, it might be broken or something. I said that was mighty funny."

Angry, Friday morning they confronted the bus driver. School officials say they did not think Williams was hurt. Green and Williams feel different.

 Green said "She was running with the bus, and she was dragging and running and dragging and holding onto that bus for her life."

Dougherty County School Officials say the driver, a seven year veteran, did nothing wrong. She drove children home this afternoon. The Williams and Green say they will meet with School Board Members, because their children are afraid to ride the bus.

Dougherty County School Police say they have videotape of the incident, and they are reviewing it as they continue their investigation.


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