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Mistrial declared in Albany murder trial

Dramoskie Perkins Dramoskie Perkins

November 21, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Judge Stephen Goss has declared a mistrial in the murder trial of Dramoskie Perkins.

Citing juror irregularity, Goss ended the proceedings about 10:30 after a juror, without the court's knowledge or permission, conducted his own shotgun blast pattern test and brought the 'evidence' in to show other jurors.

He got a pizza box, shot it with a shotgun, and brought the box in to show other jurors what pattern the pellets produced.

25-year-old Perkins is charged with shooting his friend, 23-year-old Antonio Daniels, while they were trying to rob several people at the Georgian Mobile Home Estates on Cordele Road in June.

One of the robbery victims testified that Perkins shot his accomplice Daniels, when he was cocking a shotgun during the robbery.

"Not withstanding the court repeatedly instructing jurors not to bring in any information, not to act as investigators, not to do things out of the courtroom and bring it back to the jurors, apparently this juror did this," said Dougherty County's acting D. A., Greg Edwards.

"In a case like this, where someone is looking at a very serious charge. A murder case, you have to protect their rights and make sure the case is fair," said Perkins' Attorney Agis Bray.  

Judge Stephen Goss and the D. A. said the juror would not face any charges, that he was just overzealous. Perkins will be retried again, probably in January. He will stay in the Dougherty County Jail until then


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