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Students spend day farming

September 17, 2002

Plains- With a turn of the key, dozens of South Georgia school children are off on a hay ride through the farms of the Plains Experiment Station.

"Our goal is just to have students know more about agricultural and importance of agriculture in our community," Annette Wise, an instructional specialist with the Jimmy Carter Educational Foundation said. 

It's the first ever Plains Farm Day, bringing in about 600 third graders from Sumter, Schley, Webster, Dougherty and Lee Counties.

"Lot of mandated things in teaching, have to do with farming, hard unless we can get them involved with things, " Lee County teacher, Jan Warren, said.

So the students learn how farm machinery works, pull peanuts, and get to see a sheep being sheared, and learn why they do it.

"Sheep give milk and they use fur for your clothes," Tyler Joiner said.

Though many of the students live just a mile or two from a farm, they've never seen what goes on out in the fields, and for Plains Farm Day organizers, that's exactly what the day is about.

"It's a day away from school, but not from learning," Wise said.

"It's a wonderful day, because kids get to have fun," Haleigh Dodson said.

Well a wonderful day for just about everyone.

"What do you think of all these kids out here?" "Baah! a sheep resonds as he's being sheared?" Luckily though, he'll have just enough time to grow back his coat before winter comes.

The 22 different presenters at the Farm day were from the Department of Natural Resources, University of Georgia, Fort Valley State, and several county extension agencies.

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