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Exploding lighter theory tested

September 17, 2002

Sumter County- It looks like Antwan Bridges second trial this year for murdering a Shoney's Manager will take longer than his first. The state's third witness in the case took the stand after lunch Monday afternoon, and he was still there when they broke for lunch Tuesday.

The 26-year old Bridge's defense attorney Bill Murray cross-examined E.C. Painter for four hours. He's the ATF investigator who wrote the report saying David Warren must have been killed by someone dousing gasoline on him. Murray criticized Painter for ignoring a lab report that said there should have been splatter patterns and there were no signs of an ignitable liquid in the Shoney's office.

"Just because lab doesn't detect it, doesn't mean it's not there," Painter said. "Don't you think it needs to be there for proving case in court of law?" Murray asked. "No that's not correct," Painter said.

State attorneys focused on another report that determined the Bic lighter found at the scene could not have caused the fire if it exploded.  Antwan Bridges trial in February ended in a hung jury.

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