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West Nile website does the job

September 17, 2002
by P. C. Mike Wendland

Atlanta, Ga.-  The west Nile virus shows no signs of letting up and across the country. What can you do to take precautions against it? 

Tthe site produced by the Centers for Disease Control is simply the best and most comprehensive guide to this fast-spreading disease.

  • Where is it most prevalent?
  • How many cases have been reported?
  • Just what are the symptoms?

Here’s where the information, calmly and clearly, is available. Updated daily, the site explains the origins of the disease and traces its spread, from its emergence in Uganda in 1937 to Egypt and France in the 1960's and North America in 1999.

But major sections on prevention and treatment are particularly helpful. The site is divided into two basic sections - general information about the disease, and professional information for doctors and health care workers. There are also links to most state and local health agencies.

But it's all-accessible to anyone with easy navigation either through a traditional menu on the left side of the screen or a drop down text box.

There are no illustrations or fancy animations here. Just text and reliable information presented in a straightforward way.

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