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Police teach rape seminars

September 17, 2002

Albany -- Sexual assault and rape cases are up in Dougherty County. Police say it's because more women are reporting the crime. Albany Police are holding seminars, trying to increase awareness of sexual assault, and hopefully prevent them.

Teaching young people that rape is a crime, and how to prevent it. Albany Police spoke to the Albany Youth Opportunity Movement students. Lt. Kenn Singleton taught girls some basic self defense techniques.

Investigator Carmelita Preston explained to the students about the laws on sexual assault, and what is rape. Hoping to prevent sex crimes before they happen, through better education. Preston said "Know who they are with, and their surroundings. Because a lot of times young people when they go somewhere, they don't pay attention. They know they are going to a party, they know they are going to a bar-b-que, so they really don't pay attention."

Lt. Singleton said "Or young ladies who feel this is a social norm. Due to the fact I am going out with this guy, I really don't have the right to say No. This guy spends money on me, or we are in a relationship, this is supposed to happen. That is negative, it's not supposed to be."

Even though the national crime rate is falling, Date or acquaintance rape cases are rising. It's hoped seminars like these can inform young people and make them think before trouble starts. And if need be, avoid sexual assault by thinking and moving quickly.

Lt. Singleton says he will hold up to a dozen more public seminars on sexual assault in Albany in the next two weeks.

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