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Former Georgia coach shows their is life after football

by Robert Hydrick

November 19, 2008

Albany - Football coaches teach their players there is more to life than football.

Former Georgia head coach Ray Goff has certainly found success since hanging up his coaching whistle.

Now a successful businessman in Athens, Ray Goff was in south Georgia to speak to the students at Deerfield-Windsor.

Goff shared some humorous stories about his coaching days and the importance of making good decisions and working hard.

Goff also says he feels for today's college football coaches who deal with the constant criticism from the internet and talk radio.

Ray Goff said. "It is ruthless. It is unbelievable the things people say and the radio call-in shows. It is just amazing. People can say anything and there is no accountability.  

Ray Goff also praised the Deerfield-Windsor student body as being the best behaved group of students he has seen in his years of visiting high school campuses across the nation.  

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