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Miller County flooding damage

September 16, 2002

Miller County -- Miller County Emergency Management leaders looking over the aftermath of Tropical Storm Hanna say their county was pretty lucky. The heavy rains early Sunday morning caused some flooding problems, but the damage was minor.

Emergency Management Director Billy Rathel testing Smokey Allen Road in Miller County. The road is still closed by standing water left by Tropical Storm Hanna. Several roads are still closed because of the nearly 12 inches of rain that fell Sunday morning. But Rathel said the storm did little other damage. Rathel said "Seems like it should be fairly easy to cleanup."

Thirty-four homes, two businesses, and two churches sustained flood damage according to the E.M.A., but most of those were homes surrounded by water. Like the mobile homes where Linda Crankfield and her sister Ada live. The rainstorm surrounded their homes with water to the steps Sunday morning, but never came inside.

Linda Crankfield said "Really it rained all hat night. We got up about 8:00, water was just everywhere. We went to bed that night there was no water, but it had been raining on and off all day. But I mean it was everywhere." The Crankfields spent most of Sunday inside their homes, and the water fell back enough for them to go to work this morning.

The standing water over wells is the biggest concern today. Rathel said "Advise them to either boil their water, use bleach, or we can provide drinking water."

Some of the heaviest building damage suffered was in the Miller County Courthouse and Colquitt Police Station. Superior Court Clerk Annie Laura Middleton said the halls at the courthouse looked like rivers Sunday. "Coming through the roof. We have a flat roof on this building, which is not very good for us. It's been leaking for quite a few years." The flat rough leaked, causing ceiling tiles to fall and light fixtures to fill with water, but no official papers were harmed.

At the Colquitt Police Station, the smell of wet carpet is thick, and water is standing in hallways. Chief Scott Worsley said "We got our back hall slam full of water. Water in the courtroom. Both investigators office saturated with water." Chief Worsley said the clean up of the Police Station was expected to cost $1,500.

Two churches in Miller County cancelled Sunday morning services because their sanctuaries were surrounded by water. Still most people in Miller County say they were blest that their community came through this fierce storm with few problems.

The heavy rain is being blamed for causing a car crash in Miller County. 27-year old Robert Odom of Donalsonville suffered minor head injuries when his car ran off the road on Highway 310 just outside of Colquitt about 4:30 Sunday morning.

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