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Heavy rain makes it hard to drive

September 15, 2002

Albany- When in rains on the highways, many people say it pours, making it very difficult to drive. Sgt. Kenneth Washington, with the Albany Police Department says there's one thing all drivers should do.

Washington says, "I would ask our driver to go slower. They can't drive as if it was clear."

Sgt. Washington says when the weather is bad, many drivers often panic and forget to drive cautiously. Many truck drivers, like Ralph Maynor, say drivers should remember never to follow them too closely in the rain.

Maynor adds, "Out here, the problem is that people drive to close, and they need to keep a distance of at least five hundred feet. Sgt. Washington advises drivers to pull over to the side of the road when it is raining heavily because highways can easily turn into die ways.

He says, "Pull over, maybe in a parking lot or a shopping center. Try to find a lot somewhere."

So the next time you're traveling on a major highway, remember to buckle up, turn on your lights and drive slowly to prevent a fatal accident.

Sgt. Washington also says truck drivers have to look out for smaller cars that are hard to see in the mirrors during rainy weather.

Posted at 5:49PM by Jocelyn.Maner@walb.com