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Woman homeless after Bainbridge explosion

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By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

November 15, 2008 

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Dorthea Hines is still shaken up. "I was just real nervous. I didn't know what to do," said Hines. After an explosion caused her roof to collapse. "All I heard was something in the roof, and something fell all over me."

Firefighters were called to the King West Apartment complex just after 5:40 PM Friday afternoon. "It was just a rapid explosion that blue out the ceiling of the apartment. We called in the city gas people, and they couldn't found any major leaks," said Assistant Fire Chief, Marty Brown. 

And though they believe this was the result of some sort of gas leak, firefighters still don't know the source. "We checked all of the gas appliances and we couldn't find any leaks. The cause is still under investigation at this time," said Brown.

Firefighters say this can happen to any home with natural gas appliances. "Have your furnaces, if you have gas furnaces checked annually for inspection," said Brown.

They also advise that you keep all of those appliances completely turned off when they are not in use because small amounts of gas can still be released otherwise. "This was a very small amount of gas that was in this attic because if it had been a gas leak it would have blown the roof off this house," said Brown. 

Now large pieces of sheet rock and insulation litter her bedroom floor. "I've just never been through something like this so dramatic, and I hope it don't happen to no one else," said Hines. And she is thankful that she wasn't hurt.

The Public Housing Authority is moving Hines into a two bedroom apartment until they find out the exact cause of the explosion and make the necessary repairs. None of the neighboring apartment buildings were damaged.