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Bikers raise money for South Georgians

September 14, 2002

Albany- "I've been riding for thirty-two years. This is my ninth bike," admits Milton Bullington.  Some South Georgians are definitely bikers, but Saturday they were philanthropists.

Flint River Harley sponsored a Parade of Remembrance and Poker Run.  All the proceeds will go to the Red Cross, but the money is not for New Yorkers -- its for South Georgians.

"We all want the money to stay here so it benefits our people and our riders feel better about that," says owner Charlie Hough.  The threat of rain may have kept some bikers from coming out this year, but not Bullington. "So we may get wet, but we're going to ride it out anyway," he adds.

But because of the rain organizers canceled the parade. "The safety of our riders is so paramount that with a tear in my eye and a great deal of sadness really we decided to call off the parade," says Hough.

The barbecue dinner and poker game still went on as planned and the weather didn't stop the Harley lovers from giving from their hearts. "We're hard charging like that and its definitely for a good cause and we were there to go the extra mile," says biker Eric Peyton.

Nearly a hundred riders came out in the rain today.  The money raised will aid South Georgians affected by disasters like floods and fires.

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