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South Georgians walk for prisoners

September 14, 2002

Lee County- Walking is just exercise for some, but not for these walkers, who are part of the Prison and Jail project.

They've come together to walk for prisoners, who they say are often treated poorly. Elizabeth Dede says prisoners face tough situations everyday, such as physical harm and constant verbal abuse.

Reverend Ezekial Holly agrees with Dede. He says this walk helps prisoners behind bars develop a sense of hope. He says, "Prisoners are human beings just like everybody else, and if you pay your debt to society and you come back out of prison, you have all the rights that you and I have."

That's why these walkers say they don't mind the walk, even those with physical conditions, but most of all, they say this walk united generations and races at the same time.

By noon on Saturday, the walkers arrived in Smithville, Georgia where a Prison and Jail Project rally was held.

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