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It's a special day at Northview Valdosta Hospital

November 14, 2008

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Smith Northview Hospital in Valdosta gave thanks to its staff Friday, and one special former patient came back to give thanks also.

Shirley Weller spent over two months in ICU at the hospital and a one point not given much chance to walk again or even live. But through the hard work of the staff at Smith Northview and the never give up attitude of her common law husband, Warren Bishop.

Shirley can now walk the hall of the hospital and thank the people that helped her get back to her feet.

"The staff did... I can't say how good they are," says her husband, Warren Bishop. "Now she can walk and help herself a little bit. I help her out quite a bit too."

"We love seeing her back here and she's walked for us and we are all very proud of her she's come a long way," said nurse Wendy Starkey.

The for profit hospital not only took care of Shirley Weller health but they also took care of nearly $400,000 of Mrs. Wellers $500,000 hospital bills.


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