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Keeping you safe on the interstate

September 13, 2002

Crisp County - The three men, who were stopped in Florida, passed through Georgia. So, what does law enforcement look for when patrolling one of Georgia's busiest highways?

A typical day for Crisp County Sheriff Deputy Edwin Oliver. He asks a stranded motorist, "You don't need any assistance? Ya'll be careful."

Deputy Oliver spends most of his shift making U-turns on Interstate 75. He says, "Most people think that's all were out to do is write speeding tickets, but were not."

Deputy Oliver is on the Criminal Apprehension Team. They specialize in catching criminals on busy highways. He explains, "If I can get one person off the street, a criminal, maybe he's not going to rob the local convenient store or something like that to terrorize the community."

Deputies can't go by looks of a driver or car, they need a reason to pull someone over. Deputy Oliver says, "Seatbelt violations, following too closely, window tint, expired tags, different things."

Deputy Oliver says patrolling the highways can be dangerous, but that's what he's trained to keep interstates safe.

The Criminal Apprehension Team started in Crisp County five years ago. Right now, they have three deputies specialized in catching highway criminals.

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