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Prisoners of war honored

September 13, 2002

Albany- Many military veterans at the Prisoner of War Breakfast at the Marine Corps Logistics Base say they will never forget being captured in battle.

Lee James served in the United States military for two years. He was captured on September 11, 1944 in Germany, and he says after the one year anniversary of September eleventh, the eleventh is a day that will always be dear to him.

James says, "September eleventh has always been a special day for me, and it's even more special now."

He says he is humbled by the awards and recognition he has received as a former prisoner of war, but he says many of his friends received much harsher treatment.

James adds, "In Germany, we were treated very humanely because there were a number that were treated real bad."

The guest of honor, Lt. Colonel Orson Swindle III, agrees with James. He says he wouldn't trade anything for his military experience, especially after the attacks on September 11. Swindle says, "We have a real enemy out there that is capable of doing harm to a free society."

He also says the only way the United States will win the war on terrorism is if the younger generation is willing to step up and lead America in the fight.

Swindle says,"The world is still a dangerous place, and somebody has got to go up against those people."

All of the honorees say being prisoners of war and surviving to tell their story is a life-changing experience that makes them proud to be Americans.

Lt. Colonel Orson Swindle III retired from the United States Marine Corps in 1979. He received twenty military decorations in combat including two Purple Hearts.

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