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By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

November 13, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - When you go shopping, do you ever consider where a product is made before throwing it in your shopping cart?

A lot of the types of items you use on a daily basis are made right here in Albany. You've probably heard of buying American, but what about buying Albany?

It's something you may not even think about when you go to the store: Buying products made right here in Albany.  Do you ever consider that?  "Never," said Deborah Delvecchio.  She says her main concern when shopping is the price.

 But one Albany man is challenging people who live in Albany, to buy Albany.

"The way everyday Albanians can support our local industries is to buy our products," said Burkett Carver.  He says with the threat of Cooper closing a plant, it's more important now than ever, to show major industries we need them here.

Carver said, "If you drink beer, drink Miller; if you're going to buy tires for your truck or your car, buy Cooper tires; and when you purchase your paper products make sure they are those that are produced locally by P&G."

Like paper towels. Bounty paper towels and napkins are produced at Procter and Gamble's Albany plant. So is Charmin toilet paper. Karen Cross never considered buying Albany at the grocery store, but understands how important the concept is.

She said, "I've seen people trying to find jobs and they're not out there, 'cause there's not enough in Albany anymore and I worry about what's going to happen to Albany if we lose Cooper, who's going to go next?"

Carver said, "We have 95,000 people in Albany and Dougherty County who can make a difference and I think we should." The idea was enough for Cross to switch out the paper towels she was buying.

Delveccio says price is still her top priority, but she'll consider buying Albany when she can.  She said, "I mean we do want to keep business in Albany."

Carver said, "We could make them more successful than they are by buying their products. They make fine, fine products and Albanians make those products." And maybe the next time you go shopping, you'll consider buying Albany.

Here is a list of just a few of the items made in Albany.  If you know of more, let us know

Mattresses -- Jameson and Albany Bedding Co.

Tires - Cooper Tire and Rubber Co.

Food - Tara for Kroger: peanut butter, vanilla, steak sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice; peanuts for M&Ms roasted at MARS; nuts, dried fruit, candy, cakes Snacks: Kudos, Combos, Snickers Marathon bars

Beer and malt beverages - MillerCoors 

Yarn - Coats and Clark

Household chemicals - Sasco

Wood moldings and woodwork - ACMI

Humvees - MCLB

Splices for fiber optics - Applied Fiber Telecommunications

Golf - balls, Cayman Golf Co.; golf clubs, MacGregor

Paper products - Procter and Gamble bathroom tissue, Charmin; paper towels and napkins, Bounty

ThermaCare - Wyeth Consumer Healthcare