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Veterans need work too

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

November 12, 2008

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Unemployment rates are at an all time high. And often times it's our country's veterans that can't find jobs.

In Decatur County today the Department of Labor Office honored those veterans while at the same time giving them a chance to meet some potential employers.

The Bainbridge Department of Labor Office showed their appreciation to veterans todaywith hamburgers and hotdogs fresh off the grill.

"We invited a lot of our local veterans, some who have seen our office, some who haven't, to give them a day to get together and mingle," says Bill Palmer, manager of the Bainbridge Georgia Department of Labor Office.

Employers were also invited, giving veterans an informal way of getting to know local owners and managers that could possibly give them a job.

"We have a suppressed economy right now and a lot of employers are laying off their employees, and some of those employees are veterans," says Terry Cook, the Veterans Employment Representative.

Terry Cook, who gave 20 years of service himself, works with veterans everyday. Lately he's been a busy man. In Decatur County alone there are at least 200 unemployed veterans.

"But thank goodness that because of the GI Bill, the HOPE grant, a lot of our veterans are taking advantage of these opportunities and they're going to college. About 60% of the vets I have registered with me are in college," says Cook.

But that still leaves a lot without work who want it. Sam Dean and his wife Dot live in Bainbridge. Sam served four years in the United States AirForce. Now he's umemployed.

"I was working for a fellow here locally and things got slow. With the economy like it is, he laid off several of us," says Dean.

And for those who couldn't make it...Terry Cook has a word of advise.

"Come see us. We have programs for the vets. We have training programs. They need to come into the office, make themselves known, and we will take over from there," says Cook.

Lending a helping the men and women who at one time...didn't hesitate for a second, to lend their hand to this country.

One problem for veterans in Bainbridge is that there are few service related jobs, making it difficult to find work. Feedback

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