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Albany State, Turner Job Corps honor veterans

November 11, 2008

Albany - Larry Valis addressed the crowd at Albany State Tuesday.   He served in the Air Force during the Korean War, though he was not personally involved in combat.

He says one of the best ways to honor veterans is to thank them and encourage them to tell their stories, and then to record them.

"Because they're going to be forgotten," said Valis. "We don't want these people to be forgotten and the stories are so interesting."

Valis wrote a book describing the stories of Eight combat veterans of World War two.

Employees at Turner Job Corps who served in the military were honored for that service.

More than 50 employees have served or currently serve in the Armed forces. Even some students are veterans.  

Katrina Kennedy says it's an honor to recognize those who fought for her freedom.

"We won't forget to honor those who have served, but also we want to remember those who are serving now," Kennedy said.

"A lot of the blood and the sweat and the tears they shed, made it possible for our students," said  Stephen Belk, Center Director.

Turner Job Corps has a military training program for students who are interested in serving in the military.


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