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Seasonal job outlook is bleak

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

November 11, 2008

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - They say good help is hard to find. But with unemployment rising fast, it's the JOBS that are scarce.

Even when times are tough, people can usually count on the holidays to open up a few extra jobs.

Many places are cutting back on seasonal hiring or doing away with extra help altogether. Even though many businesses need an extra set of hands, They can't afford to hire any. 

Payless ShoeSource Manager Remmer Williams flew solo behind the counter. And for mid-November, that's a little out of the ordinary.

"Around this time last year we had about two seasonal helpers that came in. Now, with the economy as low as it is this season we don't have anybody yet," said Store Manager Remmer Williams.

And they may not hire any at all. Crawdaddy's Seafood and Steak Restaurant is in the same boat.

"As far as the seasonal right now we're not planning on doing any hiring," said cashier Grace Miller.

Which means turning away as many as 7 job hunters a week. "There have been a lot more coming in. They can't find jobs anywhere. They're trying to find something."

Laura Castillo knows the feeling. "I'm from Florida and I'm looking for jobs because I just moved here and I'm trying to make money like everybody else."

I found her walking from store to store, asking for work, walking out with the same answer.

"Not really good luck... it's been kinda bad. A lot of places aren't hiring."

Even the large department stores like JC Penney say they're cutting back on seasonal hiring this year, by about 50%.

Last year they hired as many as 15-20 Holiday helpers. This year, they're lucky if they'll get 10.

And less help means more work for current employees. "It'll definitely put a cramp on our style."

"A lot of teamwork, a lot of making sacrifices and doing what we have to do."

So no matter what type of business you're in,.

It doesn't whether you're behind the counter, or hoping to be, this holiday season may not be so merry and bright.

Retail stores said the economy isn't the only thing slowing down business.

The warm November weather is dropping sales, sweaters and heavy coats aren't selling like they did last year.


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