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Win $10,000 in cash

September 12, 2002

Albany - A South Georgia renovation project might help you win $10,000. A reverse raffle is cleaning up the Smith House in downtown Albany. The old family home has a lot of history behind the walls.

The Smith House on Flint Avenue in Albany is getting a new look. Painter, Paul Hughes, says, "The walls were real bad. Big cracks and paint coming off walls. The plaster was coming off the walls. It was a mess."

The house has been fixed up several times over the years. A family home, museum and Junior League headquarters. Hughes explains, "The original color was what we call antique white and then a soft green over that. These walls were blue at one time."

The Smith House was completed in 1860. It has several layers of paint and with that paint, several of layers of stories. Jill Oliver with Homebuilders Association says, "It happens to be the oldest brick house in Albany. The bricks were brought in on a wagon from Macon."

The Homebuilders Association of Albany and Southwest Georgia is raising money to help pay for renovations. A reverse raffle cash giveaway will make someone a $10,000 winner. Oliver explains, "The last ticket drawn will get $10,000 and the first gets raffle money back."

By the end of next week the Smith House will once again transform and by Friday night one lucky person will be $10,000 richer.

The "Reverse Raffle Cash Giveaway" starts at six the evening of Friday the 13th at the Hasan Temple. Tickets are $100. For more information call the Homebuilders Association at 229-436-9700.

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