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Schools cutting back on spending

September 12, 2002

Dougherty County - Colleges and universities across the state are forced to make budget cuts. Albany State University's Fiscal Affairs Vice President, Kenneth Dyer, says, "We were ready for it. We saw it coming and took precautions."

The Board of Regents has approved a plan to cut two percent. They will reduce this year's one-point-seven billion dollar budget to one-point-six billion dollars.

Albany State University says the two percent cut will hold back approximately $400,000 from their Education General budget. They were expected to cut back because of the slowing economy and started preparing last year. Dyer explains, "$400,000 is pretty big cut and it's going to effect some things, but we are looking at reducing administrative costs, by using technology, cutting non-essential travel and other things. But, instruction would not be touched."

35 Georgia colleges and universities will have to re-evaluate their budgets. A Board of Regents representative says most school presidents will not fill positions after employees retire and will delay equipment purchases.

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