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Cross-bow sales soar

September 12, 2002

Lee County -- Archery deer hunting season opens Saturday, and hunters are grabbing a hot new weapon. Cross bows will be legal for all hunters this year.

South Georgia sporting goods stores report that cross bows sales have been extremely good. Solo Archery says it's been selling an average of five a day, and have had trouble keeping them in stock

Jeremie Wallace of Solo Archery said "It's been unreal. We could sell this whole building full of them is we had them. Everybody's wanting them. A bunch of rifle hunters see it as a chance for them to get in the woods a lot earlier, so it's a big plus for them."

Cross bows have a maximum effective range of 40 yards. They cost from $350 to $900 dollars apiece. One-hundred-thousand deer hunters are expected on the first day of archery season.

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