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Airline travel decreases in Valdosta

September 12, 2002

Competition from nearby airports is bad news for Valdosta.

"Several major airlines have moved into Tallahassee and Jacksonville, so that's leading off some of our customers," said Bob Ator, Airport Director.

A recent price comparison shows round trip tickets from Tallahassee and Jacksonville to Washington, D.C. and several other major cities are $100 cheaper than tickets in Valdosta. "There's only one airline running out of here, so in those towns there's a price reduction because of more competition," said Ator.

But the Valdosta airport does have significant advantages over others. "Our parking is free here, and since there's less passengers, security checks are a lot quicker," said Ator.

But even though security checks are much quicker at smaller airports like Valdosta, Ator says the same protection is guaranteed. Passengers say they feel just as safe flying from a smaller airport like Valdosta, and agree its much more convenient.

"At airports like this, its less hassle and they do the same security checks, its just much more convenient," said Ken Stanley, Passenger.

And until some sort of price reduction can be reached, Valdosta Airport officials hope passengers will choose convenience over cost and continue flying from their facility.

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