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Obama paraphernalia in high demand

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

November 10, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It was a day for the history books. "I'll definitely be telling my kids and grand kids about this because I was right in the thick of it," said King. But Dr. Charles King Jr. wants to do more than just tell them. "I am currently making a scrap book of the whole event now."

King was a volunteer for the Obama Campaign headquarters in Albany. "The yard signs were in very high demand to the point that they were being stolen out of people's yards. The bumper stickers, the buttons, people were asking me for them all the time," said King.

The madness has even hit clothing racks. "We did have a lot of Obama T's but we are pretty much sold out. We customers of all ages, young and old, asking for the Obama T's," said the Assistant Manager of Citi-Gear, Sakeisia Johnson.

"I have the T-shirts. I have some of the pins. I still have the "I voted" sticker on my mirror. I am keeping everything about Obama, because history was made. I am keeping everything," said collector, Willie Simmons.

And anyone who's desperate to get their hands on Obama signs can learn just how in demand they've become by visiting eBay. "My cousin in Brooklyn had to find five copies of the New York Times. He had to find five copies. And now I hear they are being sold online for over fifty dollars," said King.

And though the race for the White House is over, the demand for anything Obama isn't. "People are still coming in and asking for the Obama T's after the election," said Johnson. As they all try to collect a piece of the day the nation united together to make a change.

Material produced by the campaign and paraphernalia with specific dates and events attached to them are the most valuable.


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