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Moultrie remembers 9-11

September 11, 2002

Moultrie- The candles in Moultrie on Tuesday night not only illuminated the city, but they also illuminated the hearts of many people remembering what happened one year ago.

Moultrie residents say even though September eleventh was tragic, it brought Americans together. There were not many tears in the crowd, just faces of compassion, faces of hope and faces looking forward to tomorrow.

Moultrie residents say the candlelight vigil renews their spirits and helps them move on. Moultrie First Baptist Church pastor, Jerry Mahan, says his congregation has grown since September eleventh, and many are optimistic about the future.

When the vigil ended, many say there was a quiet peace that engulfed the city making them feel the American spirit is stronger than its ever been.

There were about three hundred people in attendance at the vigil.

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