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Stay warm for less this winter

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

November 9, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Hundreds of dollars are being lost each year because of the tiny openings in doors and windows. "You want to keep the elements out and the heat in," said Operations Manager at Lowes, Phillip Blocker.

And closing small gaps can help keep that money from blowing in the wind. "Any way you can cut down on the drafts weather stripping around your doors and windows," said Blocker.

Most windows and doors already have some type of stripping, but over the years it gets warn down. "Especially during the cold weather, you can feel the draft coming in. You can run your hand around the door or window and that will tell you if you got a weak spot in your weather stripping," said Blocker.

And replacing is as easy as handling tape. "Its got adhesive on one side, and you just place it around the channel of the door and windows," said Blocker.

Making sure you have enough insulation in your ceiling also keeps warm air in. When purchasing insulation, it's all in the numbers. The bigger the R-Number the thicker it is. "You can use the spray foam insulation to cover up any gaps that you got," said Blocker.

Making sure your filters are clean by changing them once a month will also keep your heating unit from working harder than it has too. "Run your ceiling fans in reverse. That draws all of your hot air up and disperses it through the room," said Blocker.

On average, doing these things will reduce heating bills by 32 percent and lowers overall energy bills by $358 a year at current prices. "It's very easy and most of the things you buy will have the instructions on the package. So it's pretty straight forward," said Blocker.

So you can stay warm for less without a lot of hassle. Low-income households are eligible to receive government funding and services to weatherize their homes. You can click here for the requirements to apply. You can also call 706-722-0493.


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