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Young voters flood polls to support Obama

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

November 5, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Barack Obama captured the attention and the support of many young people who went to the polls to vote for him.

Exit polls show about two-thirds of voters younger than 30 supported Obama. The percentage was even higher among black and Hispanic voters in that age group.

Many young voters we spoke to told us Obama's race wasn't an issue. And they said his performance as president will impact whether young people continue to vote in large numbers.

"I voted for Obama because it is time for change. And he was listening to the young people and seemed interested in our ideals. So I voted for him," said first-time voter, Moshante Bell.

"If Barack does what he says he is going to do than he is going to continue having a strong youth vote," said ASU sophomore, Justin Turner.

Exit polls showed support for Obama steadily decreased as the age of the voters questioned increased. A little more than half the voters over the age of 65 voted for McCain.

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