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Lee County Sheriff elect gives employees notice

Lee County Sheriff Elect Reggie Rachals Lee County Sheriff Elect Reggie Rachals

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

November 5, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -    The Lee County Sheriff Elect has notified eleven current employees at the Lee County Sheriff's Office that they will lose their jobs when he takes office. Those workers told they need to start looking for other jobs.

The current Sheriff says those 11 are his best employees.

Lee County Sheriff Elect Reggie Rachals said he did not have time to talk with us on camera, but delivered a news release explaining the job cuts. In the news release he says "After reviewing the 100 plus or minus employees currently employed by the Lee County Sheriff's Office, I have determined I will not be employing them all."

The 11 employees, eight deputies, one jailer, records clerk, and the chief dispatcher, were told by Chief Deputy Dennis Parker that when Rachals takes office January 1st, they are out of a job. Rachals said he was giving them two months to look for new employment.

"Previously, under the current administration, other employees have not been afforded any notice."

Rachals said he was one of those employees not given any notice when he was fired by current Sheriff Harold Breeden.

Breeden also would not go on camera, but said today that Rachals was firing the 11 "out of spite against me, because those employees were loyal to me." Breeden went on to say "He is letting go some of the best employees of the Lee County Sheriff's Office."

Rachals said he has already begun to put together his new office, promoting Lewis Harris Junior to Chief Deputy, and will hire Chris Owens from the Tift County Sheriff's Office to be his Chief Investigator.

Rachals said "The Lee County citizens expect and deserve for me to uphold my ideals and moral values, thus employing those that conform to a higher standard."

Rachals defeated Breeden in a July election. Rachals worked in the Lee County Sheriff's Office for 18 years.

The eleven notified employees are Colonel Duane Sapp, Major David Carmichael, Captain Chris Anderson,  Captain Michael Rouse, Sgt. Ted Wertz, Corporal Shane Gosa,  Captain Miles O'Quinn, Major Melissa Brott, Jail Officer Sgt. Ed Rouse, Cynthia Brown with records, and Chief Dispatcher Debbie Johnson.


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