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U.S. at "high risk" of terrorist attack

September 10, 2002
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"Our response it to continue to be America, be alert, be vigilant,” said Homeland Security Director, Tom Ridge.

Intelligence information suggests there could be terrorist attacks against American targets Wednesday. For the first time, the terror alert level will go to code orange, which means a high danger of attack.

Attorney General John Ashcroft says there's hard evidence of potential "specific attacks on U.S. interests overseas." He says attacks could target "Symbols of American power and authority" -- like embassies, military bases and national monuments. And he says there could be one or more small strikes --including car bombings and other suicide attacks.

Ashcroft says Americans should "Remain alert but defiant." In spite of the Security Alert, Military Bases Nationwide remain on Protection Condition Bravo. That means nothing is changing at MCLB Albany. Work will go on as normal Wednesday, on the anniversary of September eleventh. There will be a memorial service for the victims of the terrorist attacks at 7:30 am Wednesday.

Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta is raising security levels in response to the nationwide state of alert. Their usual Alpha level security has been increased to Bravo. This means all visitors must show proper identification before entering the base. They've also increased the number of security patrols on base.

In a statement released by the base, Colonel Howard short states - "Today Moody Air Force Base announced it raised the installation's local force protection condition due to perceived changes in the nature of the threat posed to the installation. The base continues to vigorously exercise installation security and base visitors should expect some delays when visiting the base."

U.S. marshals in Albany believe the new federal courthouse is secure. Marshals say everything is running as normal. They say security is much better at the new facility than it was at the old courthouse.

They won't talk specifics, but say they have not put any significant security changes in place since the national high security alert went into effect Tuesday.

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