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Timing is everything at Dougherty polls

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

November 4, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Chances are if you went to vote first thing Tuesday morning, you had to wait in line.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon were good times to vote, while most people were working. And then, as usual, when five o'clock rolled around, crowds began pickup up again.

Voters at the Jackson Heights Elementary School in East Albany say they are excited about this election. When asked if there was one key issue that helped them make up their mind who to vote for, most voters said there was.

"The main issue is the economy right now," Shelia Wheeler said. "We're really having a hard time. We have three kids and just trying to make ends meet. Want things to get better with that. I really like Obama, I think he knows where to lead us."

 "To be real honest with you, I voted with my heart, because I'm retired military. So you know who I voted for. John McCain, naturally," Marie Bryant said.

"Gas prices. Because I'm in college, and gas prices. I have to go back and forth from classes to work, and it's really hurting me," Ronnie McMillan said

"World Politics," are inportant to Rick Harper. "What happens in Iraq, the Iran issue, the Israel issue, and that affects us."

"A lot of change is going on in the country right now, and I just want to make sure that the family values are represented. And I guess that's what I focused on as far as the decision I made," said Ron Massey.

Massey came to the polls three times trying to vote. The first two times the line was a little long, so he came back again and again, and then the line was short enough for him to cast his ballot.

Voters were learning how to use the new advance voting period and long hours to their advantage., and still have their voice be heard. The lines still long here at Jackson Heights Elementary, with a little less than two hours left for the people to vote.

The main issue voters told us over and over again on their mind, of course, the economy.


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