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10 Country: Car counting

September 10, 2002

Most of us have seen the black hose across a road to count vehicles. But in the community of Leslie, between Cordele and Americus, they do it differently.

In our fast moving world, the Potters take time to stop and count the cars and trucks. "He does. I don't. I just look at them," said Verlin Potter.

He is Wesley Potter, a traffic accountant who uses pencil and paper, instead of computers and sophisticated traffic sensors.. "It's just a hobby," Wesley says. 

It's not a scientific count by any means, but he has a purpose. "Keeps my mind occupied."

And to get more than mental exercise. "Giving my legs and feet exercise."

His wife has another purpose. "Out here, we talk as the cars go by. Just us together."

They sit most mornings and afternoons, preferring the outdoors even when it's hot. "I get out here and get this fresh air," while keeping a family tradition rolling along.

The interest in counting cars runs in Wesley's family. His father used to sit at the window and make note of the cars going east and west on Highway 280. He kept records, as does his son, who is now 89-years-old.

In the decade that the Potters have kept track of traffi, they see how we've changed over time, noting that we often prefer vans instead of traditional cars. "You'll see five vans to three cars, anyway," he said.

They see how we want different color cars. "Orange ones have been going here right lately. Just as orange as an orange you take off a tree."

One thing hasn't changed for the Potters since they married in 1934. They still rely on each other, as they have for the past 64 years, where the most simple and basic parts of life count, "You won't find us separated-- except for just a little bit," said Verlin.

Even when it comes to just counting cars.

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