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It's Lights, Camera, Action in Blakely!

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

November 3, 2008

BLAKELY, GA (WALB) -It was a beautiful day for movie making. A new horror flick, SAVAGE, started filming in Early County last week.

You may recognize one of the lead actors, Martin Cove, from movies like the Karate Kid, and Rambo. He's been all over the world for film.

"It's gorgeous down here in Georgia..." he says.

But it's the Georgia weather and the people that make this set ideal.

"They're very friendly and helpful, which is terrific," says Cove.

And it's that South Georgia charm that Early County native and Associate Producer of the film, was banking on.

"We have here what they spend tens of thousands of dollars to build. We have absolutely no sets being built for this film. We're using all the natural areas that we have," says Brad Hughes.

SAVAGE will be the third movie filmed in Blakely, and the second one produced by this independent production company, Fearmakers Studios.

Three films that have raked in over $1 million for the community. Which for a county of only 12,000 people is significant.

"Anywhere from 30-50 percent of a film budget stays in the area where the film is shot. So a huge amount of the money in this film stays right in Early county. Restaurants, hardware stores, grocery stores, every store in town is seeing some impact from this film," says Hughes. 

The last Fearmakers movie shot here didn't make it to theatres, but this one could. And that's good news.

"It totally changes our community in Blakely. It's a small town that has never seen anything like this. The community is very excited the businesses are very thankful," says Hughes.

So even though SAVAGE is meant to scare, Early County residents are only screaming with excitement.

Filming will wrap on November 15th.  


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