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Students talk about 9-11

September 9, 2002

Dougherty County - History is taught by books and also by experience.  Students these days are not only living through the terrorist attacks, but they're relating the tragedy to the past. With the anniversary two days away, kids, teenagers and teachers are taking a break from books to talk about 9-11. 

September 11th will never erase from these fifth graders minds. 10-year-old Justin Pride says, "At first I thought it was a tragic accident, but when I learned people highjacked a plane, I was scared they would do it again."

Gloria Mosely teaches Social Studies at West Town Elementary. September 11th terrorist attacks is added to her history lessons. She says, "It will be history to them, but right now it's fresh on our minds because that's what you see on TV."

10-year-old Briana Richardson reads what she put on her paper, "Patriotism, sorrow, pain, hurt...etc." These words are what's on these kids minds, a year later. Richardson says, "September 11th, you can relate to it, but WWI and WWII you were'nt there and couldn't actually know as much as September 11th."

Younger students talk about feelings, high school students discuss the future of our nation.  Alex Tillman an Albany High School US History teacher says now is a teachable moment. He explains, "This moment gave us a chance to talk about civil liberties as it pertains to this situation."

Linking current events with the past. And history will go on, these kids in class today will eventually teach their kids what happened on 9-11. 16-year-old Kristen Watson says, "I can't imagine my kids learning about it. Something I went though, even though it's part of our history."

September 11th is not in history books yet, but it's still fresh in our minds. It's just like when John F. Kennedy was shot, those kids will more than likely always remember where they were when the towers fell to the ground.

Stories will be shared many years from now.

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