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Flag sales surge in South Georgia

September 9, 2002

Albany- It's a scene you would not even expect on the fourth of july, Lowe's employees working hard to keep a patriotic display of american flags stocked at the front entrance. Customers getting power of pride bumper stickers as they make their way through the door.

But it isn't Independence Day, it's the week of the one year anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

"Lowe's done a good job [sic] helping us keep supplied with flags, know people want to represent September 11th in their own way," store manager Mike Hopkins said.

This week in neighborhoods like this one you'll see American flags being put out, but Home Depot's manager predicts many of them, are the one's purchased last year in the days after September 11th.

"We went from ten a week to about 500 sales a week, but since then it's dwindled down," Tim Lewis said.

But while Home Depot isn't noticing a resurgance in sales, Lowe's and some of it's customers are.

"Right now starting to come back, because memories are coming back because of the date," Derrick Quimbley said.

"Albany has shown a lot of patriotism since September 11th," Hopkins said.

That is why an the eight foot long display of flags put out a few weeks ago has already been reduced to just four boxes. Lowe's reports its flag sales doubled from July to August and are far ahead of any time before the tragic day that many say restored our nation's patriotic spirit.

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