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Heading back to the polls

September 8, 2002

Voters will head back to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots in the primary run-off. Dougherty County voters will decide on three local and three state races.

There is a run-off for the School Board District 3 seat between Dorothy Hubbard and Willie Weaver, and Darrel Ealum and Ed Rynders for State Representative, the 137th District.

There is other run-off between Brenda Brown and William Hall for Dougherty County Commission District 2. Voters will also get a chance to vote for state school superintendent, as well as two republican run-offs for Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State.

Don't forget, you must vote the same party as you did in the primary election. "If you voted republican, you can't choose a democratic ballots on Tuesday," said Election Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher.

If you are a registered voter who didn't vote in the primary on August 20th, you can choose either party.

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