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Albany MCLB Security

September 9, 2002

Albany -- One year ago, when terrorists attacked America, the Albany Marine Base went to a heightened state of security.

As America remembers, the base remains on alert, prepared for any emergency. Sgt. Keith Connor is one of the supervising Military Police at the Albany Marine Base. He is making his patrol around the base, checking in with guards at each gate.

The base is still on Force Protection Condition Bravo, approaching the anniversary of September 11th. Sgt. Connor said "They don't believe it will happen in Albany, and most like it may not. But we have to be prepared for that incident, just in case."

After the terrorist attacks, Albany's Marine Base went to heightened security, like all military bases. Barricades were set up at the gates, extra guards brought in to check everyone coming onto the base, dogs were used to check vehicles. No one knew if another attack would be made, but base security was ready.

Provost Marshal Major Vernon Graham said "We have contingency plans that we're always exercising. In this case we performed rather well. We were ready, and I was very proud of my Marines."

Monday, Sgt. Connor and the base security keep vigilant watch to protect the 3,000 people who work or live at the base daily. The M.P.'s daily routine is mostly slowing down speeding traffic, and checking in people at the three gates. But they feel confident they can handle any scenario that arises. Sgt. Connor said "I believe the Marines are well trained and well equipped to handle whatever situation may occur."

A career Marine, Sgt. Connor was stationed in Jordan last September 11th. Now back in the United States, he is proud of the way Americans have responded to trying times.

Sgt. Connor said "Cause we are the first person when they come up to the base, is that Marine standing at the front gate. And some people do come up and say 'Thank You.'"

There are approximately 620 Marines stationed at the Albany Logistics Base.

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