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Moody hosts Cooperative Zenith

September 9, 2002

Valdosta - Military from all over the country are gathering right here in South Georgia.

"They've come from Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, and many other countries," said Larry Bittner, U.S. Military Official.

Ninety-two representatives from more than a dozen countries meet at Moody Air Force Base to form a partnership for peace. For the past week, these military officials have taken part in Cooperative Zenith - a NATO command post exercise at Moody Air Force Base involving eighteen different countries. The week-long exercise is composed of several computer simulated activities that give a crisis situation where countries must work together to avoid potential disaster.

"We are training people on all kind of simulated aircraft activities, so they'll be better prepared if we have a hostile situation," said Phil Bayer of the United Kingdom.

Military officials say the best part of the exercise is working with foreigners we were once at war with.

"I would never imagined when I entered the military that 19 years later, I'd be working with someone who was then my enemy," said Rick Ragaller, Moody Air Force Base Airman.

Moody Air Force Base is proud to host such a significant event that brings together such diverse cultures. And, with the lessons learned and expertise training, countries worldwide will be better prepared for any crisis situation that may arise.

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