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Area church remembers 9-11

September 8, 2002

Albany- United Methodist Church has not forgotten the pain Americans felt on September 11th. Reverend Dale Thornton says he's not surprised that church attendance increased nation wide after September eleventh because he says people always return to the church during a tragedy.

Thornton adds, "Church attendance always increases after a crisis because people are suddenly stripped of their pretenses and expenses and their lifestyles."

Reverend Thornton says he hopes his sermon helps this congregation deal with the grief they still feel almost one year later. Church member, Art Shoemaker, says"I think it was a wake up call, and I think they had to return to their roots where they got their training."

Member, Martha Widner says, "People were able to reflect back on their immortality and reassess their values in life." Member, Ed Enfinger, says, "The church should be important all the time. It will cause us to reflect a little about what the church is all about." .

Other members of Avalon United Methodist Church say they will continue to go forward, hoping that America will face a brighter tomorrow, but they say they will never forget that day in September that changed the face of America.

Reverend Thornton says despite the negativity that surrounds September eleventh, he says it helped to unite people from all religions and backgrounds.

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